A question a hear fairly often: “Why a home based business?” In today’s post and video I review 3 reasons WHY it’s smart to have a home based business.

So you are working a job and ya either love it or hate it, or a least tolerate it lol. Sure it pays the bills, but are you 100% happy with what you are doing? Here’s the test, how do you feel Monday mornings around 7am? If at that moment you are so excited and can hardly contain yourself, please stop reading right now! If not, continue on… ????

Maybe you’ve been there. Ever had to “wait by the phone.” Or even if you’ve never had the pleasure of this experience, why couldn’t it happen to you? Are you that valuable? Yeah, I thought so too! You’re not. First off, I balance a full time job, Army Reserve service and building a home based business. Why? Because when I got a phone call almost 3 years ago downsizing me right out of a “career” I thought would be there for a lifetime, I knew I had to do something different.

So for the 99% of us out there, what options do we have…
  1. Get a second job (now you have zero time)
  2. Work more hours (no time again)
  3. Open a franchise (got a couple hundred G’s or maybe a mil laying around?)
  4. Open a traditional business (start up money, overhead, employees, oh and 85% fail in their first 2 yrs)
  5. Real estate (hats off to you for creating leveraged income; just hope the renters pay each month, mine didn’t lol)
  6. Home based business (low start up, no overhead, minimal risk, limitless upside potential)

I initially did option 5, real estate. We had some success, made money, and still have a rental property. But after my last tenant’s optional rental payment strategy lol, I kept looking. Enter option 6, home based business.

In today’s video I go over 3 factors that weighed in on my decision to build a home based business: MORE OPTIONS, TAX BENEFITS AND WORK TOWARDS A FREEDOM LIFESTYLE.
I will stress one of the factors which is MORE OPTIONS. You love your job, I get it. I kinda like mine. Yet what if the result of your home based business was simply giving you and your family more options? How would that hep you? An extra $500 per month (residually, meaning every month) can go a long way for the average family.
Wanna cast a bigger vision, how about $5,000 or $10,000 “extra” per month? Would that give you more OPTIONS? Of course it would…
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