I was chatting with a perspective teammate the other day and he was really sharp yet hesitant. I gave him a few network marketing tips and this 1 stood out.

Well, a few (#1 at the end of this post): Take action. Push through adversity. Entrepreneurs make it happen and just figure it out.
His action (or inaction) remains to be seen and it really got me thinking. What are the traits of successful people? What makes them different? Ya know, the one’s who will create success in ANY network marketing company they are in.

Network Marketing Tips: You Know Your WHY, Act On It

When I spoke to this prospect, he told me he had success in a previous company. Actually a 10k+ month residual income. By the way, residual is really the key here gang! I see so many posts on social media about lifestyle and travel etc. yet here’s the question, how much RESIDUAL income are you really making? Be honest.

If ya want more info on residual income (also called passive income), I did a post on that here.
So anyway, this fella was very clear in his “WHY.” He knew exactly why he wanted to generate additional income. What it would be used for. How it would improve his quality of life. And for his family.

He had success before and I believe if he brought those skill-sets here, with some additional coaching and mentoring, he could CRUSH it.
Will keep ya posted…

Network Marketing Tips: Successful People Take Action

Successful people do not rush into decisions… And they do not overanalyze, either. US Army General (Ret.) and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell advises the 70/30 rule.

A leader should be able to make educated decisions quickly. If one knows more than 70% of the information he is overanalyzing. And the opportunity may well pass him by…
Network marketing tips 101 is review the company. Check out the leadership. What is their vision. Who will be your sponsor. Is there training. Mentorship. Coaching. Try the product. Etc. Then get rolling one way or the other. Take action!

Network Marketing Tips: Smash Through Adversity

What separates high achievers from the masses is their persistence to keep going. They smash through adversity.

Being an Army guy myself, I read a lot and study military leaders. Here’s a great quote from Colin Powell:
“The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.” 
I welcome challenges. They make you stronger.

Network Marketing Tips: Entrepreneurs Figure It Out

The prospect I was speaking to was a talented dude. Although he was experiencing a more turbulent time in his life. I get it. We all have tough times.

He was 100% sure our company was a fit for him. Yet there were financial challenges and some other changes in his life.
In an email correspondence, I simply wrote: “If you had the money, would you join?” His reply: “Absolutely.”
Unless someone one is in an absolute dire financial situation, I believe they can come up with a couple hundred bucks to get started. No more coffee and eating out. Have a yard sale. Sell some stuff on Ebay.
Entrepreneurs figure it out.
I further stated that perhaps “not having the money” was exactly WHY he needed the business. We will see…
So there ya have it, some network marketing tips to help ya be more successful. Take action. Push through adversity. Entrepreneurs figure it out.
If I had to pick the 1 trait all successful people have it is absolutely PUSH THROUGH ADVERSITY.
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