You’re in a home business, hit a few road blocks and you’re considering calling it quits. Here’s 2 reasons to keep pushing for network marketing success, NOT quitting and continuing to rock on!

Here’s the real deal, starting ANY business from the ground up is hard. Taking a business concept from idea to a finished product in the market place AND have it be profitable is not easy.
Many folks I talk to have tried traditional start up businesses. I love watching the show Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs from many walks of life present their business ideas to the “Sharks.” It ain’t easy. And I commend every entrepreneur who takes that leap of faith and steps out to take their dream from idea to reality.
Think of all the countless hours and in many cases huge sums of money to even begin to get an idea off the ground.
Enter network marketing. A proven business model with very low start-up costs, minimal overhead, little risk and yet huge potential upside gain for those who REALLY want network marketing success.
So let’s dive a little deeper…

Network Marketing Success: Wait, U Wanna Do What!!???

Reality, a very high percentage of folks do not achieve network marketing success. Are you surprised?

Well, a lot of people don’t have success in much, anyway. MLM success is hard. ANYTHING worth succeeding in is often an uphill battle, too.
Business is hard. Relationships are hard. Trying new things is hard.

Yet here’s what separates the winners from the losers; the winners DON’T QUIT!

Quitting is not an option. Back against the wall, winners come out swinging.
But I get it, ya may be thinking, “Jeff, easier said than done!” Or, “You don’t know how hard it is for me and my goldfish just died!”
So what!!? My gosh what are we made of anymore. It takes guts! It takes sweat! It takes tears! And a whole lotta hard work if you want to reach the top of your game in anything.
In our profession, there is a lot of good network marketing training out there. Plug in with a leader who resonates with you.
Grab my free 5 day lead generation Marketing Bootcamp right here, which are 5 videos with me training on the 5 critical things you need for network marketing success.
Also I recommend skipping a few Starbucks coffee runs and for 19 bucks grab my buddy Vince Reed’s Marketing Mastery Kit right here – INVEST in yourself! There’s a lot of cool stuff in there teaching you traffic and lead generation.

Network Marketing Success Tips: My Top 2 Reasons NOT to Quit & Start Rocking!

No one joins anything to be a failure, but I want ya to really think about this…

Did you REALLY give it 100%? Everything you have. Everything you’re made of. Are ya down to your last fighting breath?
Or are you just coming up with excuses? Because excuses will not propel you to the top of anything you do in life. Yeah, reality check!
Here’s where I need ya to have an honest conversation with yourself right now…
1. WHY did you join your home business? Deep down. Don’t give me the I need money crap. Dig deeper! What would you do with the money? How would your life be different if ya had the money? Or the time?
It’s your Why that will pull you thru the tough times when the weak will throw in the towel. Ya just have to be better than this and keep moving forward!
Does a professional athlete really enjoy getting up at 4:30am and doing physical training and running over and over day in and day out? Of course not. But it’s what it takes to be a PRO – to be in the big leagues!
You do want to play BIG, right??
Here’s a post I did too on Why Your Vision Statement is Critical to Success, this might help ya.
2. Don’t be the 97%. Don’t be the sheepish 95-97% who quit and barely put in any real effort with their biz. Heck, if ya need more network marketing training, reach out to your sponsor or support team.
There’s plenty of generic MLM training out there, too. One dude in particular I recommend is Todd Falcone, you can check out some of his network marketing training right here.
Here’s what I know: You are better than the quitters! I believe in you. If you found your way to this post, you’re serious. You CAN have home business success if you buckle down, get your rear in gear and simply don’t quit.
I remember a conversation with the #1 earner in my company from the back of a room with about 500 reps in the audience. I asked him, “what’s the secret?” How to make it big?
He said, “See this room, most of these folks will not be here in a year. Be different. Be here.” In essence, don’t quit!
Don’t reinvent the wheel, either. Success leaves clues, look at those who have what you desire and mirror what they have already done.
Network marketing success is not impossible, but it is reserved for those who keep pushing, stay consistent over time and don’t quit!
Are YOU up for the challenge?
Keep rocking and reach out if I can help ya!

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