Network marketing success is found by those willing to commit the time that most people won’t, to live the life most people can’t. To build a legacy beyond your years with a long-term passive residual income – and do the work to get it done!

You may have heard the phrase there are only two things guaranteed in life – death and taxes. True on face value… But can you do more? Can we all do better? Of course we can!
My wife and I are out in Hawaii for a week of R&R and a major stop for us was the memorial at Pearl Harbor outside Waikiki beach…

Network Marketing Success: What It Takes

My intent is not to equate the brave men of December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor to us in Network Marketing… Yet one word did come to mind as I strolled the hallowed grounds: LEGACY.

The brave men, over 2,500 who were lost on this day during the surprise attack by the Imperial Empire of Japan, are forever entombed where they fell…


Some never made it from their bunks. Others were manning their battle stations, anti-aircraft guns or helping those already wounded and recovering the fallen.


These men gave it their all – in trying times during a nation at war. In the end, it was their sacrifice, determination and an unwavering commitment to WIN that brought victory.


These men were all made of the right “stuff” and are indeed the greatest generation.


We met some veterans as we made our way around the memorial grounds; very moving to hear their stories. And our visit to the USS Arizona memorial was equally moving, where some 1,200 men are still below the sunken decks of their once great battleship.


We remember those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Network Marketing Success: Is It Really THAT Hard?

As I was walking the grounds of the various memorials at Pearl Harbor, I was thinking of the hardships endured by the men in the Pacific Theater of WWII…

And in thinking of what we do as home business entrepreneurs and those seeking network marketing success, I just pondered, is what we do really THAT hard?

Let’s face it, any business has a relatively small chance of success. Some 8-9 out of every 10 new businesses fail.

My hat goes off to every brave entrepreneur who puts much on the line to launch a new business. Those who are the job creators. Those who fuel the economy. And those who could easily get a J.O.B. but chose to take a different path…
What path do you choose? How bad do you want network marketing success?
If you want it, you’re going to have to work for it! It’s ain’t easy. It’s blood, sweat, and tears.
Yet I think of the brave men who fought in our Nation’s wars, our current servicemen, and women, who risk even greater…
Surely you can stick it out. Surely you can push forward!

Network Marketing Success: Build a Legacy

I remember when I reached out and spoke to the CEO of my network marketing company before I joined. I asked him what is his vision, his reply: a LEGACY company.

What does that mean? A legacy company.
Do you know the vision of your company’s leadership? What is their long-term direction for the organization? And all those who have put their faith and trust in their leadership.
Legacy as defined by Webster is “something that is received from someone who has died.”
I’m not building my company for the moment, or even a few years from now. We all seek network marketing success for long-term passive residual income. Income that pays you long-term and over time, far into the future. Otherwise, ya might as well keep a job, right?
Here’s a post I did on residual income right here; if ya don’t have it I assure ya, you want it! ????
Bottom line, what we do as home business entrepreneurs is not hard, it just isn’t easy. You have to be willing to put in the sacrifice, determination and an unwavering commitment to reach network marketing success.
With that in mind, if I can help you go ahead and grab a free 15-min. coaching call right here.
And here’s a quick video from our tour of Pearl Harbor in Honolulu. Comment below if ya got value and I look forward to hearing from you!

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