Wanna increase sales and close more reps into your home business? Today’s mlm tips is all around upping your closing ratio up to 80% simply by doing this…

First off, what is your current closing percentage? Gotta know your numbers! If you show your business to 10 folks and 2 join, you are running at 20%. You have show your business to more than 10 peeps, right? ????
Now I do suggest running with a larger sample size as your first 10 may not be representative of the next 10. Shoot for at least 50 and best case 100. YES, network marketing is a numbers game. I first learned this from Mark Yarnell, grab a free PDF of his book “Your First Year In Network Marketing” right here. He goes thru the numbers…

MLM Tips: How Do You Speak To Your Prospects?

So here’s the thing, in network marketing it is my belief we are in the problem solving business. We should be going about our day and always listening (or at least being aware) of the words and conversations we get into.

You may have heard the “old school” joke of prospecting by the 3 foot rule. Basically, if the person is within 3 feet of you, open up about your business lol. It’s a strategy…but not one of my favorite mlm tips that’s for sure.

The reality is we are all busy and most folks building a home business, including myself, have a lot going on…

Full time job, family, kids, activities, other obligations, etc. This is actually a question I often hear on coaching calls; how to make building a home business work when you are super busy…
I encourage you to be astute, be aware and be listening for “signs and symptoms” of a problem. Example, disliking a job, work requirements, time away from family, poor health, not enough vacation time, excessive work travel, low pay, quality of life, etc.
From there, have a conversation. And hear me out…
1. Do NOT talk about yourself.
2. Do NOT talk about your products or services.
3. Do NOT deliver your sales pitch.
The conversation is about THEM. Not you.
I then typically like to have a break-in-conversation and move on. I follow up the next day with phone call. My business will then be positioned as a SOLUTION to the problems I heard – what THEY told me.
You are a problem solver.

MLM Tips: Know Timing Is Everything

So even after you present your home business — now get ready for this — some STILL may not join. Yet…

No doesn’t mean no forever. Often it’s simply not now.
Things happen in people’s lives. Heck if I met the dude who showed me my first network marketing company a few months earlier, I know I wouldn’t have even looked at the presentation.
A few months earlier I had a six-figure income. When I met the MLM dude, I was unemployed and the stark reality of trading time for money in a corporate job was hard-hitting. I now had plenty of time, but no money!
Timing is everything.
Enter my man Shane, a recent fella who looked at my home business. He did not join on the spot. But I stuck with him. A text here, a phone call there. Invited to a webinar, sent a product sample. And then he came on board.
Didn’t happen overnight; it has to be your prospects decision (and time), not yours.

MLM Tips: Increase Sales by 80% What!??

2% of sales are made on the 1st contact

3% on the 2nd contact
5% on the 3rd contact
10% on the 4th contact
80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact
That’s right, big mlm tips: 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact.
You are leaving money on the table if you are not following up, multiple times.
Follow up is CRITICAL to your success. We are all SUPER busy. Our lives are packed with tons of work and responsibility. And in the hustle of our everyday life it’s easy to lose track of our intentions.
Give value. Be a problem solver. Follow up!
Here’s an mlm tips video on my man Shane and the follow up sequence. Please comment below and share if this helped you!

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