One of the biggest mlm tips I can give ya is build your business while simply living your life! No need to “go build” just keep an eye open as you go about your day.

A more frequent question I hear on the blog and from my own team is, “Jeff, who do I talk to??” Where to find them… What to say… What if they throw a banana at me (ok joking but you get the point)…
Let’s face it, in ANY type of sales if you do not have enough people to talk to and a steady flow of leads, it will be difficult. Just bein’ honest! It’s called NETWORK marketing for a reason, right? We NETWORK with people. So again, who to talk to…

MLM Tips: Who Would You Want to Work With?

Personally, I don’t have set hours to build my network marketing company. One of the best MLM tips I ever received was simply build as you are going about your day. And that’s what I do.
I liken what we do in network marketing to that of a talent scout. I am always scouting for talent. The cool thing about being an entrepreneur is you can choose who you work with. I like outgoing, funny (humor is a MUST), professional, adventurous, forward-thinking types. And no, ya don’t have to be tall…I was asked that once! So why not build a team of people like you? Ya know, cool! ????

MLM Tips: Do Ya Like To Eat?

So my wife and I were just down in West Palm Beach, Florida. Had to escape the tundra here in Philadelphia!

We luv to head out locally or when we travel for breakfast. So here’s my question for you: Do ya like to eat? If you answered yes, then this several times a day activity can yield you leads! Unless you eat by yourself off in a corner or are anti-social. But I know you’re reading this blog so you are cool…
As I said, I don’t have set hours to build my network marketing company, I simply build as I am going about my day. I’m a talent scout. Always looking for sharp people. Listening for key words. Aware of body language. Positive attitude. Mindful of skill sets that would do well in direct sales. If someone is displaying the characteristics of someone I would want to work with, I engage.
This was the case on our first day in West Palm at breakfast. The waitress was very outgoing, attentive, personable, other patrons knew her name and she was a lot of sunshine on an overcast morning! Notice I mentioned other patrons knew her name. To me, that denotes influence. Look for it.
So here’s one of my biggest mlm tips: I asked if she was OPEN. Yup! That’s all. I go more in depth in the video below so definitely check it out!

MLM Tips: You Don’t Know Who Your Next Superstar May Be

So ask! Engage in conversation. Be interested (in who you are speaking with), not interesting (meaning, talking about yourself). Always be looking. Ask questions. Be nice to people.

One of the best dudes I ever recruited in my network marketing company was a referral. I got to know him because of the network I built. The relationships I developed. You don’t know who your next superstar may be…
I hope this got your wheels turning on why to talk to more people. And how you can even build at breakfast! ????
Definitely watch my mlm tips video where I talk more about the conversation with our waitress. Be specific and simply build as you go about your day…

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