Looking for some MLM tips on how to have growth and duplication within your team? The key is to build community and one way is with outside events!
So my wife and I along with some friends and local teammates, attended Philadelphia’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. I always love a parade and you just can’t beat a party put on by the Irish, there’s just something about us lol ????
I recently did a coaching call with a network marketer who was having success in building his team, but 100% of the growth was from him putting in new people. He was frustrated and was wondering why his team was not moving like he was. Why was there no duplication? There are several possible reasons I reviewed with him, but the one I will focus on today is building a community within your team.

MLM Tips: Gotta Make it Fun, Too!

Ever hear the phrase: Work Hard, Play Hard? It’s always been my approach. Now in the beginning when you are building — and perhaps you do not have a team yet — it will ALL be you. I started with zero reps and zero customers, too! We all do. So just know in the beginning all the effort and activity will be on you.

So fast forward to when you have your first rep — or when you have a bunch of folks on your team. You gotta make it fun! Especially with your local team. Attend a sporting event, have a group dinner, support a charity…attend a parade! All of these types of activities will help build community within your team.
When you are at company events together, as the leader, organize a group dinner or a special outing in the evening. Hold a weekly webinar to cover training, networking, prospecting, closing and other MLM tips to help them. Empower others to take the lead each week or share something new during a portion of the webinar.

MLM Tips: Build Community, Build Your Team

Action step: If you have a small team, call them. Make sure you are placing calls! Find out about them, not just business but what are their interests, hobbies, likes, etc. If you have a large team, use a free software like Surveymonkey.com and send a survey asking about them. Next devise a fun activity either in person if you are local or online if you are spread out and start to build your community! Get to know your people ????

Enjoy the video on some more MLM tips and if I can help you, please reach out!

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