Looking for some MLM tips to get your home business rocking? Here’s 2 questions you should be asking every prospect in your MLM recruiting efforts. I didn’t always do this but when you add these questions the results are powerful!

So you are all geeked out about your home business, YOU see value and heck why wouldn’t someone else want to rock it with ya, right??
Oh how I’ve been there ???? And it’s ok!
Here’s the thing, one of the biggest MLM marketing tips I can put out there is this: SORT not sell.
Let’s actually step away from your network marketing business right now and say you are an attorney. How would it sound when you hit up friends and family to handle their legal matters and if they did not have a need for your services, you told them how awesome you are. And the history of your legal practice. And how you have the best paralegals in the business!
Wouldn’t that be kinda weird?
Instead, let your friends and family know of your legal services and see if they be open to anything at this time in their life. If not, perhaps they can refer a friend or keep you in mind if anything changes.
Comfort level up, tension level down. See how that’s a smoother conversation?

MLM Tips: Sort, Not Sell

This is MLM tips for success #1! Network marketing success is a numbers game. Ultimately how many eyeballs do you have on your company presentation (be that a DVD, webinar, home meeting, etc).

Here’s a post I did around MLM Tips: Why Sorting Works, check it out for some more suggestions around sorting prospects.The bottom line is not everyone at this moment in their life is a candidate for your business, product or services. Just know that.
And the professional manner to sort folks is simply seeing who is OPEN. Who’s open to a side project. Who’s open to making extra money? Who’s open to spending more time with their family?

See that’s BENEFITS driven, not features. Benefits — the “What’s In It For Me?” — drive people. You need to tap into that desire and simply see who’s open.

Can’t say the wrong thing to the right person; can’t say the right thing to the wrong person. Save yourself a lotta headache, just see if they’re currently open. Things do change, so be sure to check in from time to time too!
This also goes for leads you have purchased or generated on your own. Same thing, confirm they are open.

Network Marketing Tips: Two Questions

So here are two questions that I always ask after a person has said they are open…

1- Why? Why are they open. What’s recently changed in their life. Get real specific here and dig deep. This literally is their “Why” (in MLM lingo lol).
2- What amount have you put aside to start a home business? What is their budget. I don’t always ask this for friends and family you have to kinda feel it out. I might say something like, “Cool, what budget range would be doabe for you to begin your business now so we can start working towards _______ (the why they just told you)?”
You want to see who is serious and who is playin’ around. If your prospect is #1 OPEN and #2 you have uncovered that “pain-point” as to why they are open, coming up with some bucks should not be an issue is they are serious. Again, another qualifying question.
3- Work from home tips bonus question (more specifically for purchased leads or leads you have generated), what is your monthly marketing budget? Sure you can talk to friends and family, but hey this is a business and if you are serious, there will be some marketing bucks to invest. Qualify them further.
My marketing budget goes towards Facebook ads and Yahoo/Bing PPC. Both are very effective on a variety of fronts. If you wanna learn traffic, head over here for a free lead generation course. My buddy Vince shares some awesome MLM tips around traffic!

MLM Tips for Success Next Step

Take action on what ya learned. Simply implement these two questions into your prospecting efforts.

If you have questions, always welcome to reach out or leave a comment below. Let me know your thoughts. What questions have you found work well?
Check the vid as I dig a little deeper on some MLM tips and most importantly keep moving forward! Your home business can help folks. Prospect daily, see who’s open, ask follow up questions and know you can have a BIG impact.
Stay awesome!

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