Have a new rep and wanna to get them off and running? It’s all about the team and these 2 MLM tips are critical for their success in Network Marketing – let’s get them started the right way!

Remember back to when you began in your home-based business… You were excited, you saw an opportunity to achieve more, to supplement or even replace income, bring a working spouse home, etc. The sky was the limit!
Well, this is how your new rep feels – right now!

MLM Tips: You Only Get One Shot…

…to make a first impression. Remember that one? And ya only get one shot to get a new rep started right! Let’s make it happen.

Synonymous with the word sponsor is responsibility. You have a responsibility to help your new rep and provide all the MLM tips for success at your disposal.
Hopefully you are with an awesome company and team, because in many ways your new rep joined because of the community, the culture and YOU. They put their faith in you so be there to help them.
Most don’t join because of the cool protein shakes or reduced travel, you can find that a lot of places. They saw value in you and the community you’ve created (or are a part of).

2 Network Marketing Tips Critical for a New Rep

In my opinion, here are 2 MLM tips that you should focus on to help your new teammate…

1. Call them and have a strategy session. Too often this first step isn’t even done. YOU are the leader, you reach out and do this. If you’re brand new, include your upline.

Now when you are doing your coaching call, make sure it’s finding out about them, not you blabbering…

Dig into their WHY, spend some time learning about their goals, aspirations, challenges and even personal life.
After this, lead them thru your company blueprint or success plan. Most companies have a fast-start guide full of MLM tips to get them rockin. Walk them thru this…
Use the tools available because this begins the duplication process; point them to the fast-start guide and follow it exactly, literally reading! Don’t deviate because they need to walk their new folks thru exactly what you are doing right now.
In network marketing, it’s not what works, it’s what duplicates!
2. Lead by example. Aw man, I have to do something? ???? Yes! You are the leader. And the speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack.
Ensure you are showing up to events, always on the team calls, webinars, actively prospecting, bringing in new customers, reps, etc. Lead by example.

MLM Tips: One Additional Resource LIVE Training

I’m now doing weekly Periscope training each and every Monday, 7pm EST called “Marketing Mondays” – it’s a free live training on all things marketing and MLM tips to get your home biz rockin! Also a Q&A, if you have a question you want me to answer, send it to jeff@talljeff.com.

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