Exactly how to start a successful blog to become an EXPERT in any niche and dominate that market. And you can even do this in 3 minutes per day or less!

Yes, this is a bold statement ????
Perhaps you landed here because you want to know how to create a successful blog or how to become a successful blogger if you already have one…
Either way, keep your eyes moving down this post because we’re gonna go over how to accomplish both!

How to Start A Successful Blog: Why You Even Want One

So I see a lot of folks out there who post a lot on social media or maybe even have a website already, yet they are not getting much traction or building a successful brand.

Two reasons here:
1) There was no long-term strategy
2) It wasn’t on a blog
Here’s why I say this: If you want to really know how to start a successful blog and get into profit mode, ya need to look at the strategy and concept behind it.
The #1 reason you want to have a blog is it’s an online asset YOU own.
If you are posting all your stuff on Facebook or any of the social media sites, I can tell you after a few days — and often after only a few hours or even minutes — no one sees your post. For real.
So while it may be easier to post on social media — and you absolutely should several times a day — this should not be your primary online presence.
Take Action On This => Yes I Wanna Be A Blogging Rockstar!
Your blog, however, is out there forever! The content, the videos, the branding, the links, etc.

And as you start to post more content consistently over time, it will begin to rank and folks will find you. Which brings me to the strategy around how to start a successful blog…

Your strategy should begin with the end in mind. Ultimately what do you want your ideal target market — your dream client or customer — to do?
Buy your product. Hire you as a coach. Watch your videos… What is it? Next start creating content that will lead your readers and fans to do just that.
One other thing to point out is that a “static” website is, well, yesterday… Your ideal customers (and Google) want to see fresh and consistent content.
If you wanna be competitive and profitable, you need a blog with consistent and relevant content. Just sayin’ ????

How to Start A Successful Blog: 6 Strategies You Wanna Know

Don’t do what I did lol. Which was take forever and have everything be perfect before you launch. If you want to know how to start a successful blog AND save yourself some time, I’m going to reference 6 tips from an article on Entrepreneur.com…

1. Define the target audience for your blog and cater to that audience
2. Put a unique twist on your blog’s topic and content
3. Add new content on a regular basis
4. Transform your blog into an interactive online community
5. Adopt a multifaceted approach to promoting your blog continuously
6. Keep the blog’s look, overall design and content professional
Tip #1 is EXTREMELY important, define your target market. I have a post on that here (it’s specific to mlm recruiting but take the concept and apply to your niche).
Oh and wow – notice tip #3, add new content on a regular basis. There ya go! And this can only be done on a blog.

How to Start A Successful Blog: Become An Expert To Dominate Any Market

Now this may sound a bit intimidating, but it’s actually not hard.

If you are a business owner currently — and it does not matter what type of business (doctor, plumber, lawyer, direct sales, cleaning service, etc) — you can become a credible expert in your niche EVEN if nobody knows who you are.
And as you probably figured out by now, you will accomplish this by blogging.
Take Action On This => Yes I Wanna Dominate My Market!
This will ultimately get you into profit mode with the brand and “super guru” status you create online. Speaking of profit, here’s a post I did specifically on how to make money blogging and 20 cool tips from a buddy of mine Ray Higdon.
Ray began his blogging journey back in 2009. His story is quite impressive! He was in personal foreclosure resulting from the real estate market crash and had barely two nickels to rub together. In fact, his girlfriend at the time (now his wife) was working in a department store just to pay their utility bills!
Fast-forward to today – he has built several multi-million dollar businesses online all with a blog being his primary place of business online.
Yet here’s the difference though between him and you… Time.
That’s it.
He’s just been doing it longer. So IF you want to know how to start a successful blog and shorten your learning cure, I encourage you to head right here.
Ray has 100% mastered how to become a successful blogger; where I know him in the home business niche, he DOMINATES!
So if this sounds cool, go ahead and check out his “3 Minute Expert” System Right Here to get things rockin!
Also here’s a quick video I did on how to start a successful blog to dominate whatever niche you are in.
If you have questions, shoot me an email to jeff@talljeff.com. You CAN do this and I’m here to help!

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