Your complete guide to cold market prospecting LIVE from the blizzard of 2016! This is a fun post and your complete cold market prospecting blueprint for how to build your biz…even during a blizzard. ????

So you definitely have to be a little crazy to head out into a blizzard to talk about cold market prospecting lol.
As you probably know, if you are building a network marketing or direct sales company prospecting is the name of the game. The goal is to find good leaders, teach & train and let them spread their wings. Repeat.
Also don’t forget a company is in business to gather customers and move product, so that should be a primary focus too. Personally with cold market prospecting, I usually lead with the opportunity. With warm market, my goal is for them to try the product and become a customer (maybe business later).
So let’s dive into some cold market techniques…

Cold Market Prospecting: It Works, Just Do It

Here in Philadelphia — and throughout the Northeast — we had a heck of storm. Dumped nearly 2 feet of snow in our area!

So what else would you do except go for a stroll and shoot a video on cold market prospecting, right?

Also did a Periscope vid. It was probably 15 degrees, the wind was howling and snow drifts were even tall on tall Jeff lol.
Actually went around the development a few times and was listening to Grant Cardone’s audiobook the 10x Rule, highly recommend! Grant talks about putting in the hard work and just grinding thru it. His first company took 3 years to even get to a moderate profit level, barely replacing the income of his former job.
He said that any business or sales cycle he has started, it always took 10 times the money, 10 times the effort, 10 times the sales calls, etc. It took hard work — really hard work — and ya just have to do it!
Same with prospecting in network marketing, that surely doesn’t sound exciting, or relaxing or in any way attractive. BUT, you gotta get ‘er done, as Grant would say!
Heck, anything in life is work, sacrifice, perseverance and consistent action over time. Cold marketing prospecting included!
Cold Market Prospecting Blueprint, A Few Recommendations

So if you are REALLY serious to build your company, you have to get good at MLM prospecting. Being friendly, engaging folks, reaching out, actively prospecting and YES picking up the phone.

You know, that 500 pound telephone. ????
Can you build a network marketing company 100% online without talking to folks? Maybe, but you’re talking a massive amount of traffic consistently moving thru your sales funnel. And rarely does it build long-term residual income.
I have found — and just sharing a bit of experience — that building a home business does involve the phone. Now I do qualify prospects sometimes with an optin or sales video and then speak to those who raise their hand on the other end, but I also just pick up and dial.
Not sure what to say? My buddy Todd Falcone put together some cold market recruiting scripts right here (free).
Also a cold market prospecting training from Ray Higdon, it’s a free 55-minute video available here.
Do you want to 10x your life? Pick up the phone! Think of all the names in your cell, on your Facebook, social media sites, folks you are doing business with right now (your insurance agent, dry cleaner, financial advisor, etc.), friends, family…
You know tons of people. Call ’em up, and simply see if they are open. Product or opportunity.
Cold market prospecting will produce results — and whether it’s a sunny day or a blizzard — you can make it happen. Go for it! That said, always welcome a comment below if ya got value…

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