Curious on 3 traits that nearly all leaders have when building a team in network marketing? If passive income is what you seek, start building a team to create leverage and build others up!

It is said that “success leaves clues” and this couldn’t be more true! If you want to reach success in your home business and you’re looking for tips on building a team, just check out what the leaders are doing…
Look in your company or other trainers inside of network marketing; yes you will see clues and a lot of commonality.

Building a Team Tip #1

This actually is not specific to network marketing, it applies to anything you want to be good at… How do you become and expert and crush it in any field?

You DO NOT quit! Period.

There’s no escape plan, no plan B, no try it out and no put your toe in the water…

If you are serious on building a team you simply FIND A WAY and make it happen!
There’s no excuses such as I don’t have time or no one will join my business or I don’t know how. You’re an entrepreneur, figure it out. When adversity hits you, overcome it!
Now, thankfully there are plenty of good leaders and trainers out there. Don’t reinvent the wheel; mirror and match what they are doing! Turn to your upline. I can tell you, I love when folks on my team call or txt me. Frankly, I work with the willing; if you call me I’m calling you back.

Building a Team Tip #2

Commit to personal development. You’ve probably heard the phrase, leaders and readers. Wanna be one? Wanna get better at building a team and attracting high-caliber folks to you? Become that person!

Become the person you want on your team. And start filling your head with daily content that will uplift, inspire and teach you the skill sets and mindset you need to get better at building a team.
I have some book recommendations right here on my blog. Become a student of personal development. Instill this in your team. Read 30 mins. PER DAY from a good book. Jim Rohn, Steven Covey, John Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Napoleon Hill and Zig Ziglar, to name a few authors that sit on my bookshelf.

Building a Team Tip #3

Build up people. Network marketing is a PEOPLE business. If you don’t like peeps, you might consider affiliate marketing or selling stuff online.

If you wanna create massive success and a truly passive residual income inside of network marketing, it’s all about building a team. This creates leverage. Which creates wealth. And not just for you, but potentially for your entire team…
That’s the awesome thing about network marketing, you don’t get penalized or take a hit if you share all your secrets. You don’t miss out if the person “above” or “below” you shares a strategy or a success tip that’s working for them. A rising tide lifts all ships, gotta love it!

It’s an equal playing field here. Heck, most of the top earners in network marketing are women! It’s quite the opposite from the corporate world; women here have no “glass ceiling” and are awesome at building a team.


Most women who earn over 100k annually are inside of direct sales – pretty cool!


Also be sure to create a team culture that is fun, empowering and a cool crew that folks want to be a part of. Here’s a post I did around creating a culture while building a team, check it here.


Real quick, I want to point out the topic of “secondary recruiting.” Meaning, look inside your organization — beyond your personal sponsors — and be aware of who is a doer! Who is taking action? Reach out to them and run with them. This will create more activity inside your team. A leader within your organization can light a fire all over the place!


Again, work with the willing.


I hope you got a ton of value from this post! If I can help you, please reach out…


And be sure to check the video for some more tips to help you in building a team and achieving success in network marketing.

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