Are you an entrepreneur and looking to up your personal development goals? Here are 3 leadership goal setting habits any entrepreneur and home home business owner can use to right now to grow!

Entrepreneurs set a lot of goals around business success. These goals revolve around the eminence amount of blood, sweat and tears required to become a successful leader.
A large part of business success and leadership growth includes setting personal goals that better you as a person.
If you research the topic personal development goals you’ll find a lot of material. From military leaders to business tycoons and and everyone in between.
Leaders from all walks of life have shared their own ideas for personal development goals. There is not one perfect formula that is a one size fits all…
However, there are a few key actions you can take right now which will help develop you an entrepreneur.

Personal Development Goals #1: Read

Reading increases intelligence and brain power. After all, reading is exercise for the brain. Just like putting time in at the gym – the more you go the more it increases your physical health.

Yes, set a personal goal to read a book. At least 30 minutes a day. Do it and make it a habit.

Reading is the same way. As an entrepreneur, setting a goal to read daily strengthens your mind and successful people just do it!

So don’t reinvent the wheel, just read. ????

Personal Development Goals #2: Get Around People Better Than You

When you compile a list of personal development goals for entrepreneurs, make sure you include a goal of being around people better than you. Being around people who are better than you in certain areas allow you to gain skills, observe their behaviors and pick up their habits.

These are the people who can help you grow and develop as a person and a leader. You are the average of the 5 folks you spend the most time with; so I’m not saying fire your friends lol, but just be mindful of this…
Interesting to note, find any super successful person and I can almost guarantee they have a coach. Even multiple coaches to focus on areas they want to improve.
Being an entrepreneur, it’s sometimes just you! Especially in the beginning… If you are curious on coaching I do take on a limited number of clients and you can learn more right here.
No matter what your profession or stage of development, a coach is a vital part of continuous personal growth.

Personal Development Goals #3: Attend Events

This is a very important one to include in your list of personal development goals. Attending events in your niche can help you grow in so many ways.

Mixers, training sessions, conferences, webinars, etc. – make sure you are fully leveraging these resources!
There are so many benefits you gain from attending these events. You get to practice your networking skills, expand your social network, gain leadership skills and increase knowledge.
Even if you have to pay to attend an event or training session do it. It ain’t an expense, it’s an investment.
Attending events should be a part of any entrepreneur development program.

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs: Now It’s Your Turn

Yup, it’s your turn!

This entire post will be meaningless if you don’t take action on what ya just read! I’d encourage you to take out a pen and paper right now and start mapping out your development goals. If it’s not written down, it’s not getting done!
If you are looking for additional resources around successful growth as entrepreneur, here’s the first coaching program I ever did. It’s with my buddy Todd Falcone and I highly recommend!
There ya have it, 3 personal development goals for entrepreneurs. You know what to do next! ????
Check the vid below and would luv to hear your thoughts!
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