If I had to start all over, this one thing I believe is the difference between a successful business and the 80% that fail. Master this and things can be different…

First off, you need to be fully aware and have crystal clear in your mind WHY you want to build a successful business. Know that while being an entrepreneur and business owner can be extremely rewarding, it does come with a high element of risk and adversity.

The tradeoff is you can be compensated handsomely for creating a successful business and having the guts to take charge and make it happen!

My mission is to give you some tips and training to steer clear of a few of the mistakes I made (my loss, your gain lol) and accelerate your efforts to become an entrepreneur and create a successful business.

Successful Business Mindset

Thinking as a business owner is quite different from thinking as an employee. This was difficult for me. I come from a Corporate America background in sales and a military background. So things were very regimented, especially in the Army. Uncle Sam had every minute of the day laid out for me! ????

Ever heard the phrase, “the buck stops here?” It was popularized by President Harry Truman, and the meaning was this:
A statement that no excuses will be made, that the speaker is going to take direct responsibility for matters, rather than pass the responsibility to higher authorities.
As an entrepreneur and business owner, the buck stops with YOU, including success or failure. In the beginning, it may only be you! Handling everything from startup requirements to ensuring the bills are paid on time. You accept 100% of the responsibility.
And you simply have to make it happen!

Successful Business Strategy When You Are Still An Employee

Perhaps you work a job full-time and are engaged in becoming a successful business owner on a part-time basis. This is how I began. I was balancing multiple obligations while struggling to become an entrepreneur.

My tip here is to set your “business hours.” Meaning, set aside the exact hours when you are going to work your business. Right down to the exact activity. In video 2 of my FREE 5 DAY MARKETING BOOTCAMP, I go over my daily routine. You need to set a routine and follow it, too.
We all have 24 hours in a day; set aside the time required to build a successful business. Work it as if your current boss is looking over your shoulder, as if you are still an employee.

The 1 Thing I Wish I Knew Earlier To Build A Successful Business

Quite simply it is this: CONSISTENCY. Whatever activity you have identified is the lifeblood of your business, do it consistently. And by “lifeblood” think about what 1 activity most likely is or will produce you revenue. Do this consistently.

So let’s say you’re in network marketing and building a home business. Getting people in front of your presentation is the #1 profit producing activity. There are a number of ways to do this, primarily making dials and reaching out to other people. As you progress, I highly recommend learning marketing and the art of putting your business or product in front of people who are actually looking for it. For that, head right here.
You may also have a blog, so supplement your call activities with putting out content on a consistent basis. BOOM!
Here’s a quick video with some more thoughts around being consistent to build a successful business

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